Southern Media uses polling to develop campaign strategies and candidate messages; to gain insight on the effectiveness of campaign activities; and, to evaluate campaign dynamics.  Polling, when used intelligently and with proper timing, is an essential component of successful campaigns because it focuses campaigns on messages that resonate.  Polling brings discipline to a dynamically changing process, clarifying for candidates and campaign managers the most effective use of limited resources.

We have the experience, knowledge and capability to create, organize and run the major types of political polls:

  • Benchmark Poll Comprehensive survey that serves as a campaign guide and playbook. Typically, they present a thorough review of public figures, candidates strengths and weaknesses, issues, messages and potential messages – in essence, a window into the key elements of an impending campaign. Information from the poll and the strategic analysis accompanying it, create the foundation for the campaigns strategic plan and its tactical playbook.
  • Tracking Poll Short poll designed to help candidates maneuver through the campaign.   Information from these polls give candidates an opportunity to refine strategy and tactics; adjust plans and assignments accordingly; and, alter TV and radio rotations or adjust mail targeting.  They are not intended for the development of completely new plans, strategies and tactics.
  • Vulnerability/Viability Survey Preliminary poll that can be used to judge candidate viability, or opponent vulnerability.  Information from these polls give focus and discipline to a campaign in its very early stages by helping candidates assess the campaign starting point, assist in identifying key issues, test potential messages and determine where a campaign should focus resources. They can help to prevent mistakes and are conducted very early in the campaign, usually at a point that is considered too early for a comprehensive benchmark poll.